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Spécialized in E-Tourism
•A good knowledge of the e-travel sector (Online Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotels technology, DMO's, GDS).
•A good understanding of IT and e-commerce impact on tourism's industry.
•Study behavioral Impacts of Information Technology on Tourism Consumers .

•Analyze search industry trends and competitors’ strategies.
•I worked with the distribution channels to understand the customer needs and potential solutions to support the business plan.
•Execute management and account reporting within a specific market.

•An experience of e-commerce in a travel environment (, - 29k - 17 Jul 2005 - Cached - Similar pages

Specialized in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
•Manage search engine marketing (SEM), e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.,
campaigns within the French and US market
•Communicate regularly with external SEM agencies and search engine partners
to improve campaign performance and grow the relationships
•Analyze marketing campaign with many tools like WebCeo.
•Create search marketing reports for stakeholders.
•Seek innovative ways to expand traffic from the different search engines.
•Analyze search industry trends and competitors’ strategies.
•Perform data analysis and reporting as needed for the Marketing manager.
•Find the keyword to expand the traffic on sponsored links.
•Create and optimize search advertisements the French market - 61k -
Cached - Similar pages


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